Personal project | User research & UX design

Designing an app for book lovers

Book lovers often do not read as much or as often as they would like to. This is a phenomenon I observed in myself and it thus became my hypothesis that this project was based on.

In a user-centered process, I designed a mobile app that would get users inspired and motivated to read more.


Usability consulting, UI design, branding

Rebranding an award and optimizing its web UX

New logo, brand colors, typeface, and optimized usability for "Nova", an award for innovative projects in German newspaper journalism.


Usability analysis & redesign

Landing page redesign to improve conversion

Enhancing the page's usability and streamlining conversion by minimizing distractions and laying a clear focus on the call-to-action.

User interface design

Designing a functional interface for a temperature control unit

Julabo systems are used in production halls and laboratories to adjust and control the temperature of materials. 

Their interface had to be modernized and enhanced in terms of usability and usage of touch gestures.