Baltic Brothers Coffee.

Baltic Brothers is a startup company, founded by two brothers from the Baltic Sea–specifically from Rostock in Northern Germany. They are coffee enthusiasts and Specialty Coffee experts, who currently focus on offering barista training and business consulting for cafés. Their ambitious plans for the future involve many exciting projects revolving around high-quality coffee.

This project's goal was to create a Brand Identity and a Website.

My role.

This project was made in cooperation with Julian Ortlieb. Together we conceptualized the brand identity. Julian designed the logo and the overall look of the brand (colors, typography), as well as a package design for their coffee and Social Media content.

I mainly worked on the UX design part of the project: Site structure, wireframes, prototype and final implementation of the website.

Brand identity.

The briefing: Create a look (logo and brand design) that is down-to-earth and communicates where the brand originates, but at the same time is elegant and communicates the company’s aspiration for high quality.

This look should be translated into the web design, Social Media, package design and business cards.

The solution: The logo clearly communicates their closeness to the sea, while also being very minimalistic and recognizable. Four brand colors create a clean look with slight maritime flair: Two shades of blue, a sand tone and a contrasting red for setting accents. Unique wave patterns complete the look.

For the brand’s typography, we chose Barlow Semi Condensed as the main font and Arvo as logo font. Together they create a harmonious, slightly sophisticated (but not pretentious) style.

Information architecture.

The briefing: Create a website that represents our company. Customer acquisition should not be the main goal of the website.

Structuring the website’s contents was a challenge. There was various information the website had to contain. Since the company doesn’t have one product, but different services they offer and plan to offer in the future, it wasn’t obvious which aspect was the most important.

We decided to take an unusual approach: To focus on the company and the two founders and explain their idea and their vision, rather than only presenting their product(s). The goal is to excite the visitors’ curiosity by having them experience the brand at first, and only then to inform about the company’s services.

The solution: Introduce the founders and their love for what they’re doing on the front page. Put everything else either below that introduction or on separate pages.

We created these wireframes to visualize the structure of the website and align it with the client.

Web design.

The next step was to merge the wireframes and our brand identity to create a prototype that we could optimize before actually building the site.

Our front page should create an experience similar to a single page website. We created a splash screen that gives a first impression of the brand, together with a very emotional introduction text right below it. This is followed by information about the company’s services and news (current posts from Instagram).

Secondary information is on extra pages.

The final website.

The design could then be adapted to the final implementation of the website. I created the page using HTML and CSS, and some JavaScript for animations—such as the navigation bar changing its color when you scroll.